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To publish

To publish an article on this site, a publication charter is commonly adopted setting the required standards both formally and substantively.

1. Standards of form

  • The size of the article must be a maximum of 9 pages, with the name of the author and his photo;
  • The presentation of the objective and the interest of the subject must be at the level of the introduction;
  • The bibliographic references must appear in alphabetical order of authors’ names, the title of reference, house and year of publication;
  • References at the end of the article;
  • Numbering of pages;
  • Use the “Times New Roman” style, size 12 and a spacing of 1.5.

2. Divers

  • The article should not be published before;
  • The article is submitted to the study of the Reading Committee which decides on its publication and which must then be displayed as an indication.
  • Articles published in three languages Arabic, French and English, and they are sent to the following email address:


  • The author should mention the appropriate section (which is on the site) for his work.
  • The Center has not returned (to the owners), it has not yet been validated by the Reading Committee.
  • Preference is given to articles that highlight the author’s sense of innovation and creativity;




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