Moroccans of the world (MOW): A call from Morocco( part 1)

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By: Anouar Hasbaoui

(Senior researcher)

Morocco is ongoing profoundly structural reforms at different sectors: economical, social, cultural, political….etc. Implementing sector programs[1], reflects a Moroccan vision which upholds our country to become within the upper category of emergent countries, that realize economical growth rate of more than 7%.

Initiating a reform process (especially to emergent and less developed countries) is always undermined with many internal (financial, cultural, managerial…) and external (situation of the international economy, regional climate…) constraints, which requires a set of prerequisites such as strong leadership, citizens’ awareness and public engagement to the philosophy of change.

Being fully aware of the strategic challenges and the prevalent worldwide and dynamic geopolitics, Morocco (in the presence of limited precious natural resources like oil), has taken voluntary decisions and set up a strategic road map that would economically sustain the kingdom, especially with the promotion of human rights, freedom of speech (both in smooth and ascendant trend), and the implementation of inclusive development where no territory and Moroccan are left behind.

This strategic mission cannot be achieved within few years; its long term scope requires a citizen effective contribution, involvement and devotion.

Moroccans of the world are highly concerned with this smooth take off; they ought to contribute to the road map optimal implementation. There are many reasons explaining this argument; among them:

Reason 1: Morocco is the home country, the inner feeling of strong affection and love always prevail [2], no matter how long one should be living abroad and for whatever reason.

Reason 2: Morocco is home for MOW’s family, friends and relatives with whom they maintain full attachment and social relationships, thus they will be enthusiastic to any appeal that aims to promote their relatives life.

Reason 3: MOWs have been raised in Morocco where they had their main education, if not their parents might had this privilege, so they need to serve back their country as much as they can when and where on earth.

Reason 4: Serving one’s home country and preserving its original community are highly appreciated by the host community, it is viewed as sign of pride, generosity, integrity, responsibility and civism.

Reason 5: As human being, we need to work for a better life for mankind so as to help the future generations to have life free of poverty, discrimination and insecurity.

I am confident that other reasons may be considered, but the main point is that we “Moroccans” need to consider our country as an emergent one with peaceful “revolution” to sustainable development and prosperity. The contribution and cooperation of every MOW are strongly appreciated and welcomed. Undertaking such an action will not only provide personal satisfaction and self achievement, but also be making the difference on future generation lives.

In my next article, I will modestly suggest some ways to make this collective vision more realizable. 


[1] Green Morocco (agriculture sector), Halieutus (Fishery), Emergence Plan (Industry), National Initiative for Human Development…etc).

[2] Having bad experience can never completely erase this feeling, and to test this argument just check one’s attitude when Moroccan contestant participates in international competition.


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