We inform our dear readers that the Moroccan Center for Intellectual Development has decided to change its logo and adopt a new visual identity that reflects more the mission of the center. The feather in blue color is the symbol of the act of writing used by humans since the invention of writing, dark blue was derived from ink, and the sky blue is the color used by the center since its creation, we also moved from Time New Roman font to Georgia and Barlow.

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Coronavirus in Morocco-COVID 19 and us…

COVID 19 and us…

Edited par : Anouar Hasbaoui*   Introduction: The world is going through a very critical period; the COVID 19 pandemic fastly continues to spread around. This

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Every Opportunity Counts

  Edited by:   Mr. Michael Miklaucic* Senior Fellow at the Institute for National Strategic Studies at National Defense University North Africa does not figure

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Ways To Boost A Child's Self Esteem

How To Boost Your Child's Confidence

Let's teach our kids to "fail forward" with Ramy Mahmoud

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