Few Prerequisites to Successful Integration in US Universities

Few Prerequisites to Successful Integration in US Universities


By: Anouar Hasbaoui

Research Assistant


After earning a high school degree, many Moroccan students have to choose the school or the university to attend for undergraduate education. The destination can vary from national institutions to foreign ones, the latter is not a straightforward decision depending on host country culture, cost of living, school fees…etc. Therefore, students should be aware of all the upcoming challenges in order to have a successful educational journey.

American universities are among the targeted institutions, the education system is very interesting offering many benefits, such as the delivered values and principls, the quality of the academic programs, and most of all, the system is designed to host students worldwide. However, the situation is not that simple as it may seem, many prerequisites have to be considered for smooth integration.

1. Language and Communication:

First of all, students should absolutely master the English communication skills. These skills are not only crucial on-campus but also helpful beyond the border of the campus (shopping center, public administration, internship period…etc). Communication facilitates the interaction with the community and helps explore opportunities that international students may have.

2. Respecting and Obeying the Rules:

Second of all, the acknowledgment of student status regulation is so crucial. All the time, foreign student should comply with the ongoing rules and regulations in order to avoid any unpleasant and costly actions. Since it is a very sensitive issue, Universities provide assistance to international students through multicultural services which have the responsibility to respond to foreign students’ requests or concerns  consistently to provide the necessary guidelines,.

3. Socializing with Other Students:

Third of all, involvment with on-campus student associations helps to build network with peer group who share the same interests, concerns and goals. Among many benefits, these associations attempt to centralize opportunities directed to foreign students such as on campus job positions, exhibitions, scholarships, and internships. Student associations also organize cultural activities and events and share their respective values with other foreign students.

Foreign students should consider oher avenues for growing outside of school. It is very important to be part of professional networks depending on their education or major. For example, business students can enroll with any professional association that encourages students to benefit from open internships. Professional networks keep students updated and helps them to efficiently market their profile.


At the end, it is important to emphasize that students’ successful integration will enhance the chance for upcoming student’s admission in the short run, and promote the image of their native country in the long run.


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