Coronavirus in Morocco-COVID 19 and us…

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Edited par :

Anouar Hasbaoui*



The world is going through a very critical period; the COVID 19 pandemic fastly continues to spread around. This new microscopic tsunami has shaken daily life. Stocks markets indexes are in the red; the main commodities prices such as the oil have impacted, and all the strong economies will severely bear the consequences at least this year. Globally, the pandemic cost is estimated to more than 1000 billion dollars. Economical, cultural, and sport’s activities have been canceled. The current situation highlights a triangle made up of: 1) public authorities. 2) ordinary citizens and, finally “harmful creatures.”

Structure 1: Public authorities

Public authorities around the world are acting as in wartime, fighting against anything that can jeopardize the stability of and the safety of their country. 

From a state of emergency to the borders, lockdown is among the toughest decisions to limit the virus scope. 

Another challenge is the transparency of government. Both the content and time to diffuse the information are very crucial. Transparency regarding COVID 19 requires Courageous Men with a strong charisma that gives confidence to citizens. Needless to point out, that the quality of the decisions will determine the survival of citizens, which puts them in an area of ​​zero law tolerance. Decision-makers should also have the ability to monitor changes in the economic situation and react based on instant ground development. 

However, the responsibility of public authorities is very complex and continues to be so in the presence of unfavorable conditions, including the quality of the infrastructure, insufficient material, and human resources to counter the pandemic.

In Morocco, public authorities under royal leadership are managing the situation using a proactive approach to reduce unexpected damage. The established Task Force(TF) undertakes a multidisciplinary strategy extending to the economic sector. Indeed, being an open economy, many Moroccan companies are impacted, 

any government fails to act, these SME will be out of business within the next few months, here TF has taken rapid and very targeted actions which give confidence to most impacted business. 

The taken decisions reflect a very clear vision of the outbreak context,

favored by analyzing and learning from the experiences of other countries.

Structure 2: Citizens

Citizens are forced to change their way of life. In the absence of an effective vaccine, epidemiology experts recommend home confinement. According to established statistics, it reduces the degree of spread of the pandemic, and therefore the number of people affected will be manageable, and so will be the related medical care. 

Any health system in the world cannot satisfy a large number of patients in a very short period with lengthy medical care.

Therefore, citizens must trust information that comes from public authorities; compliance with government instructions is solely key to promptly exit the biological threat.

Also, solidarity between citizens, public institutions, and private companies NGOs is more likely to strengthen social ties. Financial, material, and emotional support, this highly generous behavior reflects the maturity and the civism of people; it is also a lesson to teach to future generations. Belonging to the community is essentially based on mutual aid between its members. 

Structure 3: The irresponsible

During this period of global crisis, irresponsible entities arise. They try to take advantage of the situation. Some seek miserable financial interests by unlawfully increasing the prices of the highly demanded products and services. The cruel rage proves their lack of any sense of social responsibility. The hypocrisy is unfortunately widespread in societies with no or fewer law officers that control market prices. A high degree of collaboration between public authorities and citizens is very welcomed to compromise theses illegal practices.

Another category of dishonest people is those who diffuse fake news aiming to spread panic among people. Such irresponsible act requires an immediate reaction from law officers also another one from sociologists.


COVID 19 is a global issue; maximum collaboration and awareness will determine its ongoing time and cost. Like many past crises, this will give us the opportunities to learn priceless lessons to face major events that may occur in the future.

*President of CMDI

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